Fundraising, Generosity and these videos

No Longer Sold as a DVD - now a single video file. Price reduced from $20 to $12!

A single video containing six humorous skits. Share them with your Board, share them in small groups, like Covenant Groups, to talk about generosity and stage them yourself in Stewardship campaigns. These simple skits can change the future of your Unitarian Universalist congregation, church, or fellowship.

How? By naming the elephant in the room when it comes to pledging, the canvas, and financial support for your church. And by making the elephant tell jokes at the same time.

When you purchase the Video, also get a video featuring author and playwright Paul Baerman giving tips and advice about using these skits in your fund-raising.

EXTRAS at no cost:

Text files of the scripts of every skit in the video plus two more recents scripts. Easy to share and brainstorm, rewrite and adapt to the needs of your congregation. Link below.

Net proceeds from sales of this video are donated to the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham, North Carolina.

Overview of the Skits in the Video

A kit for fostering generosity in your congregation.

  • In Barber To the Stars we watch a Yankee barber in Heaven cut a newcomer's hair while discussing generosity and hairstyles of the immortals.
  • In Call Tackling a gay couple deal with the implications of the call from a canvasser. One partner is open and supportive, the other "giving-impaired." It's a great conversation.
  • In The First Circle Virgil is our tour guide to Hell and we are his first busload of Unitarian Universalists!
  • The Vision Thing imagines Socrates in line to shake the Minister's hand after the service as he questions the assumptions of the hard-boiled guy in front of him whose daughter attends religious education classes.
  • A Taxing Weekend portrays a couple weighing charitable contributions against tax deadlines. Does it matter whether they pledge on time as long as they plan to eventually?
  • The Jesus Christ Philanthropic Consultancy PLLC shows us Dorothy, who is "spiritual, not religious" seeking advice from an unusual quarter.

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